This Institute was established with the purpose of providing basic theological and religious formation to Brothers and Sisters of different Religious Congregations, who are in the stage of initial formation.

Eventually it aims at helping the permanent formation of the Religious, by giving them the choice either of following the regular program of studies or attending the classes as auditors.




The Religious Formation Institute was founded in 1981 as a joint venture by the Men and Women Associations of Major Religious Superiors of Korea.

The classes for the first year started in March 1982 in the school of the Marianist at Mangwondong in Seoul. One and a half year later the Institute was moved to the first floor of the Franciscan Friars took over the full responsibility of running the Institute.

In March 1987, the Institute found its definite site at the present location, the fifth floor of the newly built St. Francis Education Center at Cheongdong, Seoul.

The facilities of the Institute include two big class rooms(for 80 and 60 students respectively), secretariate's office, professor's lounge, two meeting rooms for students, the director's office and library.




1) School years : two years(4 semesters)

2) Class days : from Monday to Friday.

3) Program of studies


< First Year >

Old Testament I, New Testament I, Fundamental Theology, Patrology, History of Religious Life, History of Korean Church, Psychology, Exposition on the Psalms(one semester), Sacramentology(one semester), Missiology(one semester), Ecclesiology(on semester), Canon Law(one semester), Introduction to Philosophy(one semester), History of Philosophy(one semester), Ecological Theology(one semester), Comprehension of Korean Religions(one semester)


< Second Year >

Old Testament II, New Testament II, Christology, Theology of the Religious Life, Liturgy, History of the Church, Oriental Philosophy, Spiritual Theology(one semester), History of Spirituality(on semester), Spiritual Directions(one semester), Mariology(one semester), Moral Theology(one semester), Pedagogy of Catechism(one semester), Comparison of Religions(one semester), Mass Culture & Mass media(one semester)


4) Evaluation

One weekly class(90 minutes) per semester accounts for two credits.